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Things we're thinking about this week:

Not the article I was expecting (not clickbait either), and really enjoyed it anyway. I've always thought that outwardly telling people what to do was a little silly (if they want to do something either they will do it or they will find a way to do it). The key to standing out is to be different, and we have to look at every single detail.

The right medium. Visual only? Auditory only? Some things work in one format but not the other. Multimedia was all the rage but that seems to have died down. It's time people really sat down to figure out what to do (same goes for social media platforms, and that should be really simple to figure out yet many still haven't).

You're never going to make it...

 Photo by  Nicolas Cool  on  Unsplash

Photo by Nicolas Cool on Unsplash

The Dutch East India CompanyKodakPan American World AirwaysBlockbuster. All these companies dominated at one point or another, yet they’re barely remembered as anything but a warning story.

You might make it, but it's only going to be temporary if you're not constantly pushing and evolving. The world is evolving around you (can't be more true for digital marketing), don't get left behind.

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Wednesday Updates

Things we're thinking about this week:

It doesn't matter how creative you are, how innovative you are or how smart you are - all that really matters is whether you can execute. There's no value in just thinking, you have to do something (and often just start, letting it snowball along the way)

  • Want to start a company? Write a plan and start talking to people 
  • Want to learn about digital marketing? Look for some free courses around you and ask for some book recommendations
  • Want to learn to ride a bike? Rent one and find a friend who can teach you


Differentiate or die - can't repeat this enough. Drives me insane that marketing agencies are all evolving to become identical (offering the exact same services - graphic design, SEO, SEM/PPC). Where's the differentiation? Why don't they practice what they preach? That's why we're staying away from the same old and branching out into recruitment (among other things in the works). Never settle for good enough - we're going to die by that.

React vs Respond

 Photo by  Saksham Gangwar  on  Unsplash

We all make choices every single day. The one that goes unnoticed the most, are our reactions. Something happens and we react instinctively. But are we actually in control?

To stoics, our emotions are the one thing that we should strive to control (we control our physical side, and we must also learn to control our emotional side). It's something everybody in Hong Kong needs to learn (Imagine all the glares we get from being bumped on the street or coughing in the subway).

Gut reactions can be good, but they can be very dangerous as well - react too suddenly and you might end up saying something you'll regret. A better option would be to take an extra beat, and instead of reacting, responding instead. For social media, the gut reaction to a silly question on Facebook is to say 'check the about page, it's clearly all there', but a better response would be to carefully address the problem (and also make it more evident for future users).

The problem with twitter is that 90% of it is reactions (and trolls love it). Responses take more time and care, and if there was a way to implement it, it would be a much less toxic environment.

Attitude shapes everything - read more on Medium here.

There's no appeal in being average

 Photo by  Rob Bye  on  Unsplash

Photo by Rob Bye on Unsplash

Nobody grows up wanting to be average (because, why would they?), instead they want to be better than average (dug). When it comes to the way we do things though, our actions rarely show this.

Is it better to be safe (and have a good idea of what you're going to get), or is it better to take a little risk (and potentially get more in return)? What if being safe actually made things worse (because everyone is being safe and you can't stand out)?

If we want to be better than average, we need to do things that are different and stand out. When it comes to content marketing, this means creating content that people actually want and not copying what other people are doing (reaction videos anyone?) or in the case of promotions trying something that hasn't been done before (it was cool the first time TOMS did a buy 1 give 1, but now hardly anyone ever bats an eye anymore).

As marketers, we all know that it's important to differentiate and provide value (that's what we're hired to do), but very rarely do we practice what we preach. Instead of creating an Instagram page (because everyone is on Instagram), there's more value in creating a events page where potential clients (or people who are interested in marketing) can learn more about the field and and free/paid class options are available to them.

Create value and don't do what others are doing - marketing doesn't have to be difficult.

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Wednesday Updates

Things we're thinking about this week.


THIS. Read this (it's about building trust in teams, and we can all improve on this). Just the simple idea of having someone come in for their first day at 11am (instead of 9am) is a game changer. Great, practical tips and the reasoning behind this whole article is spot on. Blogs need to aspire to this level of quality.

Some great tidbits from 99U. Not just in digital marketing (what we do) but in everything we do there's something that can be learned. Don't wait for a formal learning structure (school), constantly learn along the way. The learning should never stop. 

How much do you really need? I like revisiting this every now and then. Life is hard when you don't know what you want out of it (also true in digital marketing among many other things). However, it's rarely as difficult as you might make it out to seem in your head. Spend a little time calculating the true cost of things, and go from there. It might take a couple of tries, but well worth it.