Wednesday Updates

Quick hits from the past 7 days on digital and social (in no particular order).


Facebook Launches Workplace Chat Apps with Screen Share

Facebook has 14,000+ business on board already (each paying between USD1-3/user). It's adding new functions and making it more useful for everyone (and competing with SLACK and eventually Microsoft Office).


Facebook isn't going away anytime soon - and it's making sure that it's staying that way by getting involved in new spaces. After social (which it dominates), it's entered content/entertainment (its market share will continue to grow in the next 6 years) and now it's the business workspace (I'll say another 3-5 years). What will be next?



HULU Creating 4 Shows Around E-Sports

4 Original content pieces around E-sports - Hulu is taking this space seriously (and not waiting for proof that it's going to success

“ESports is one of the fastest-growing areas of media and entertainment, and through this first-of-its-kind deal with ESL we can now bring the popular world of eSports to Hulu,” said Lisa Holme, Hulu’s VP of content acquisition.



E-Sports is real (no matter what people may tell you about how it's just people playing video games). The naming is the thing that gets people, but if you ever get a chance, go to a live event and experience it. Watching someone at the top of their craft is enthralling, and this captures it.





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