Social Media Audit - why you need one

When it comes to social, an ever-changing space, it takes a significant amount of time and energy to stay up to date with the trends and capitalize before your competitors.

You need the right structure, people and processes in place, the right original content and all executed in a way that engages the correct audience.

A social media audit will create a solid baseline from which to take the social media strategy forward, giving a detailed assessment of the current performance, benchmarked against industry best practice in order to provide direction, actionable insight, detailed recommendations and a clear approach to achieve business objectives.

A good audit will cover the following:

  • Structure – are the right people, agencies and processes in place?
  • Content – is the content working and is it engagement the relevant audience?
  • Audience understanding – are there any assumptions that need to be tested?
  • Media buying – are you getting a good return on investment?
  • Business objectives – is social media helping the business move forward?
  • Competitor analysis

You need time to Discover, Research and Consolidate Results. It's not an easy process, but one that's well worth doing.