Wednesday Updates

Quick hits from the last week.


It's the holiday - mean it. It was about five years before I first saw an out-of-office reply with real meaning and it really stuck with me. Holidays are important and they need to be taken seriously. Disconnect because it's more important than answering an email that can wait a week.

Proven performance practices (should we call this PPP or 3P) from elite athletes and billionaires. We often spend time looking up to other people and it makes sense - but why don't we spend more time looking at people that are only a step or two up instead? Aren't their learnings potentially more achievable?

50 things to consider if you want to live life and call it your own. This is weird to me, as it's about individuality but at the same time also following what someone else is doing. Still, some good ideas.

25 ideas (illustrated) that could change the way you live. There's something about illustrating things that makes it a lot easier to understand - while also bringing in more depth into the picture. Have always thought that the Japanese's understanding of anime is remarkable, and the world really needs to catch up - it's not just for kids.

It's all about the boss and who teaches you. This speaks to me. But it's also highly dependent on the individual. To me, going to a job is like going to a university - it's not about what you 'learn' it's about 'what you learn during interactions'.

You're never too busy for these 5 things. I was told pretty early in my life (Mrs. Dobby who taught French) that is you want help doing something, ask a busy person - someone that is free is going to procrastinate whereas the busy person will find the time. I understand this more and more over time.

89 and enjoying life. I want to be this happy when I'm old - it may be the only metric of success that I really believe in.

Giving better feedback (specifically to creatives). I need to get better at this - and you probably do too.