Wednesday Updates

Quick hits from the past week


lol, does it even mean anything anymore? This is fascinating to think about only because the meaning of it has changed so much, and people use it in different ways to great effect. Worth spending a couple mins thinking about (the article itself isn't that interesting to read).

Ryan Holiday, how do I always end up reading whatever he writes - in this article, it's about email lists? Strangely, in 2017 it's still a topic of debate the value of emails. But I guess that's a good thing as everyone is still so focused on social. As always, it good to take a look at what people are really spending their time on and what really engages them.

Fail Harder - MailChimp's version. Failure is the most interesting thing when talking to people, it's important to see how to react to it, how they learn from it and how they grow. Success that's handed to people, is just plain boring.

Improv - more to it than you think. I'm not a fan of people who are unwilling to try new things (see failures above). Improv is actually fun if you put yourself in it, but it's rare and the people it attracts are usually weirdos, which is why it gets a bad rap. A lot to learn from it though (especially for social media and any sort of digital marketing).

Keep learning new things. Investing in yourself (and taking the occasional gamble) is probably the best thing you can do. Totally biased, because I left a cushy job managing social media, to start my own agency consulting business on digital/social.