Wednesday Updates

Quick hits from the last week (yes I realise this is late, and surprisingly the world didn't end)


Why you should hire digital nomads (and why there are likely going to be more in the future). I like this A LOT. In today's world, there's really no reason to stick with 'the norm' - people grasp onto it for dear life and I have no idea why. As more people embrace this, I think the work is only going to get stronger, and hopefully prices go up too when they see the real value that's being created.

Digital Small Business Trends for 2018. It's that time of year again - be prepared for a lot of lists! While the things here aren't entirely new, it's always good o reflect to make sure the ship is on the right course. There's a lot of self-fulfilling prophecies, but that's not always a bad thing.

In other obvious news, eSports is explodingThe thing I like most about real publications talking about this is that it's finally catching on. Surprisingly, people still don't get it. And they think all eSports are created equal. Hell no. Take the time to explore, and TALK TO PEOPLE. Blizzard all the way!

Every Frame a Painting - the end of an era. This, like the rest of their work, is beautifully crafted. Read a beautiful piece this week about how things end, it's not a bad thing, and important that things are supposed to end.

Say NO to work things and not be a bitch (or feel bad) about it. Wish I discovered this sooner.