Hello world!

(Embarrassing free stock image!)

(Embarrassing free stock image!)

It's a little clichéd I admit, but it's a first post, what did you really expect?

So it makes sense to explain a little why FU&G exists. And it's simple, really.

There's a lack of content. Actually, there's a lack of good content. The content that you see nowadays is passable at best - and it's a damn shame.

With social media everywhere (it's real people, and it's not going away any time soon), everybody needs to adapt. Attention is at an all time low, and everyone is pushing out content because they believe that it will allow them to reach out to their audience. They're not entirely wrong either.

Everybody needs a social presence, and in order to stand out from the crowd, you need content - good content, and a lot of it. It's no longer enough (was it ever actually) to push out content once a week (or in many cases even less). You need good content, and a lot of it (I know this has been mentioned already - and in the same paragraph! But it's important to stress this point).

FU&G was created to help solve this problem. No longer do brands need to worry about (and wasting time) creating content, they now have a legitimate solution - us! In the past, when brand managers have been stressing over hiring expensive advertising agencies, or hiring interns to take iPhone photos, they now have an agency that can take care of the biggest time consumer of their day - content creation.

Good content isn't easy. It takes time and a lot of effort. And figuring out what content works or doesn't work? That's a completely different beast on it's own. We specialise in one thing, and one thing only - content production (this doesn't mean that we don't understand all things digital/social, it just means that we're laser focused) and for good reason - you need help!

Let us worry about content, and you can worry about the other aspects in your organisation.

Want to learn more? Drop us a note, it's free!