The current state of social media

So most people can agree that social media is important, what they disagree on is the value that social media brings and as a result of that what/how to invest in the platform. And it shows. It's really obvious actually.

When brands make social updates sparingly, with inferior content, that lack any originality or understanding of how platforms differ, all it does it show to the world that they don't get it. The shocking lack of effort put in the medium is a major failing on their part, but also a huge opportunity for everyone else. Content needs to be good and it needs to stand out.

Despite the companies who don't know what they're doing, they're still churning out content. If you add all that content with the good content that switched-on companies are pushing out, you'll start to realise that there's too much noise. It's overwhelming, and people are learning to tune it out, just like they do with TV ads or billboards on the streets.

In order to stand out, you need content. A lot of content. Good content too.

Far too many companies push out content that are no better than newspaper ads (and if that's the case, they should remain newspaper ads, and off social). They're old and blatantly disregard the different platforms, mediums and the way that people consume content. They might as well not bother with pushing it out - it's just a huge time waster for everyone.

In order for content to work, brands need to be relevant, engaged and authentic (people aren't stupid, they can see through crap). Unimaginative content just wastes space, and are justifiably ignored. Only outstanding content can cut through the noise.