Wednesday Updates

Quick hits from the past 7 days on digital and social (in no particular order).


YouTube is dominating video and mobile

No surprises here. App Annie has reported that on the YouTube Android App, roughly  80% (9.5 billion hours) of total consumer hours have been spent on the app during the 12 months ending in July 2017. This number is up 45% YoY.


Video (in particular YouTube) is huge, when are people going to realise? Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video get all the buzz, but it's the YouTube that is king. Make video content now, while it's still acceptable to be good (and not great)!



Hulu to spend $2.5 in new content

Everyone wants good content, and the big players are willing to spend (Netflix to spend $6 billion, Amazon reported to spend $4.5 billion). What's interesting is that Hulu is focusing on TV, but Netflix and Amazon are duelling it out on movies at film festivals.


Good content isn't cheap. And it's changing are consumption behaviours (cinemas are feeling it). But the barriers to entry in creating content is lower than ever - so get in early (same point as above, but you get the point). But make it good (you might win a couple emmys out of it!).



================ loses 88% of it's audience after going video

It's not all roses for companies that are pivoting to video (as is fashionable right now). After firing a large portion of their writing staff, has lose a HUGE chunk of their audience. The problem? They didn't think about their audience and how they like to consume content (it's hard for people to watch a video at work and act like they're not goofing around, and sometimes you just want to browse quickly on boxscores and key highlights to help your fantasy team).


Everyone's doing it, but you have to be smart about it. You need a sound strategy and plan, otherwise, that audience you so painfully created over time is just going to go somewhere else. And you're very unlikely going to ever bring them back. Video is awesome, and the future but it isn't for everyone.

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