Content Production for Social? In Hong Kong?

No, this isn't a blatant attempt to rank higher in search keywords (promise!).

Content production, I've found, isn't something that brands/companies/people really are focusing their time on. And this is a huge mistake. 

If you look at the current landscape, the way that people (your customers) spend their time, it's usually on a device (and no, you don't need a research paper to back this up, although plenty are available).

It's insane that brands are spending all their time thinking about it. If people are spending their time on their phones (and other devices), and you want to get in front of them, you need content. Good content. But why don't brands (and in particular brands in Hong Kong, or Asia really) understand this?

The only people that seem to understand it are influencers. They're creating 3-5 pieces of content to post A DAY. As a result, they're constantly in front of their audience, and able to grow much faster than anyone else. Even if it's crap content, the more content you have the faster you're going to grow. It's simple.

The one thing people seem to misunderstand (and understandably) is that they want to constantly sell - they want to drive people to do something. Which is a large part of the problem. At most, this should be 20/80, but brands think more selling, more sales - when the reverse is true.The really good brands who get it sell probably less than 10% of the time - they spend their time creating content of VALUE, and use it to grow. And when it makes sense, you sell.

Understanding the audience is key - whether the audience is in the US, Australia, Tokyo, Hong Kong or Singapore - you should be spending time to understand what they're doing and how they're consuming their media. Talk to them, understand how they like to consume, and work with them, don't just assume (and never assume that they're idiots).

Content, content, content. You need good content, and give it time to do it's job. It isn't something you should be spending a few minutes a week on, nor is it something you should be spending 3-4 hours thinking about every day (unless that's your entire job). More freelancers, content creators and agencies need to exist, because brands (ALL BRANDS) need this service.

Understand your audience > create content that provides value > success. It's that easy.