Wednesday Updates

Quick hits from the past 7 days on digital and social (in no particular order).


Facebook Partners with NFL for Highlights & Recaps

Announced earlier today, the NFL and Facebook have entered a multiyear deal to deliver official NFL videos (from all 256 regular season games as well as the playoffs and Super Bowl) for their platform. 


It's content, and as mentioned ad nauseam, everybody wants it. There isn't enough good content, and sports highlights is one that will always work. What's interesting here is that the cost isn't' revealed (and it's not exclusive), and I'm intrigued to find out if there's a clause here that requires all other pirated forms of it's content will be removed (it's a problem, but not a massive one yet). Good content is super valuable, Twitter paid USD 10M last year, and lost this year to Amazon which agreed to pay USD 50M for NFL games. It's only going to go up higher.

This is US content, and it's catered to the US audience (yes there's also a global ausdience, but for the NFL it's mainly the Americans who are watching). Asia, as usual is a little slow, but the value of content is going to go up - whether it will match it in the next year or two is questionable, but it's going to become significant, and fast.




Twitter is Testing Twitter LITE

Surprisingly hard to find more companies doing this, Twitter has launched a 'new' app in an effort to boost numbers in countries where the internet infrastructure isn't great - in this case the Philippines. 


A lighter app using less data makes it a lot more useful in emerging markets where data networks are a little slow (sometimes painfully slow) and can be expensive for consumers (who typically wait for WiFi to kick in). Especially in Asia where the internet is either blazing fast (e.g. South Korea or Hong Kong), there are many countries where it's ridiculously slow (e.g. Indonesia or Philippines). Companies that understand and cater to their audience are going to win, and this goes to content as well - if your video takes minutes to buffer, people are just going to give up - so adapt!




Chances of Making the Next Big App? Zero

There are 90 billion mobile apps in the Android and Apple store - you're not going to be a billionaire (or millionaire, or even make a decent living) by just making apps.






Facebook and Google tighten their grip on the digital ad market.

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