Wednesday Updates

Things we're thinking about this week:


Learn a skill, be creative and provide more value - in the modern day, if you want to learn something you just have to search for it. In half an hour you can learn how to conduct a full photoshoot. You just need to decide what you want to do, don't be afraid and start. On the flip side, everyone is a critic nowadays, just be careful and be learn to be self-aware.

Ruthlessly assess everything - this is a good place to start. Gone are the school days when you can fail at something and claim you didn't try hard. You can't fail anymore, so put in the effort and make it work. Nobody is expecting perfection on the first go, but be honest (with yourself and others) and you may discover something new.

Bring in the creativity - to some (Scott Adams), creativity and innovation aren't only about changing the world, but combining two skills together to make something new and interesting again. In this case, it's looking at design via Harry Potter.

Storytelling is still more important than anything - in our quest to tell the best stories (we're ever learning) it's hard not to notice what Gimlet Media is doing. It's a space to stay tuned to as they're creating a new age media company with an interesting voice - all while letting creators do what they do best - create!