Wednesday Updates -

Quick hits from the last week. 

I realise that this is much shorter than usual, and that's because I want to focus more on delivering actual value. We'll see how this goes.


Make 2018 your most productive year - It's that time of year when there are lists everywhere for everything. Somehow, I always read them. Some things here that definitely aren't new but I would still recommend (e.g. scheduling time for yourself and re-reading a book).

11 habits of genuinely likeable people - Another list, but this one really does start off strong. Give, give and give some more and don't expect anything in return. This one can't be overstated enough, and it's helped me many times in the past in developing a real connection with people.

Why you focus better in a coffee shop than at home - I may have posted this previously and I honestly can't remember. Some interesting points here. I think just a change of scenery (and a little more noise) sparks creativity.