Wednesday Updates

Things we're thinking about this week:


Do you have the grit needed?knowing you'll look like an idiot and doing it anyway - isn't that how everyone approaches everything? It's a strange feeling, the one where you fight knowing that there's an easier way out but you do it anyway because it just has to be done. Safe is good, and some people need it, but for others, it's much more important to deal with the issue head-on and understand why, regardless of the outcome, the journey itself can also be the reward.

Facebook is changing its algorithm again. Thank god. Yes everyone is panicking over the news, but some places are seeing the light as well. There's too much content out there, and most of it is terrible - if Facebook wants to stay relevant it needs to curate better, and that means showing less content than it currently does. Yes, if you're a content creator this can on the surface look like terrible news ('Facebook is a waste of time, blah blah blah). In reality, this helps everyone. Good stories that are worth sharing need to shine through, not the garbage that most companies produce. Make good work and it will always work. It will be hard, but if you're good at what you do, you're delighted at this news.