Weekly Updates

Things we’re thinking about this week:


Only doing things for ourselves.

What if we only created things for ourselves? Not for a client, not for any money, not even with a long-term goal in mind? What if we just concentrated on doing things that interested us?

It doesn’t have to be everything, but having one or two things that you ONLY do for yourself has a lot of benefits. There are no deadlines, no requirements, it just needs to make you happy. You’re not confined by the cost of creating something, or aiming to please anybody but yourself. More likely than not, what you create is going to mean more than anything else you create.

Perhaps this is what it feels like to be a true artist.

We all have to satisfy somebody - probably because the client has money and you have bills to pay. But the end result might not be something you’re proud to put your name beside - not because you didn’t put in your best effort, but because of all the compromises that had to be made along the way. (EVERYTHING needs to have the logo on it??)

Maybe just one or two things allows you to continue growing as a creative. Maybe that’s all we need.