Weekly Updates

Things we’re thinking about this week:


Why are certain things done the way they’re done?

Fancy restaurants have tables with white tablecloths - but why? Is it to show off that it’s fine dining? Is it to differentiate from other restaurants by showing that they’re putting in the extra effort? Is it to provide a better feel for the elbows? Is it easier to clean? Turns out it’s to hide the fact that the table is cheap - usually cheap plywood. If you spent thousands of dollars on a beautifully crafted oak, you’re not hiding it under a table cloth, you’re showing it off.

It seems obvious once you know the answer, but you could easily be tricked into assuming one thing. Just because it’s conventional to do one thing, doesn’t necessarily make it right. Handing out name cards as soon as you meet someone? Almost always accomplishes nothing.

If we sit back and examine all the little details of why we do something, we can easily uncover certain things that would allow you to show off your personality and charm. Just have to put in the effort and not settle for ‘this is how everyone else does it’.