Wednesday Updates

Things we're thinking about this week:

Creativity - It doesn't matter whether it's general creativity or something specific (in most cases here, being creative in the social media space), it's something that is incredibly difficult to put a value on. What does it look like? How do you identify it? How do you come up with ideas? It's a never-ending struggle to find these answers.

What's interesting is the approach people take. For me, it's about finding weird/innovative things that connect (having a huge trove of information across all fields) and allowing the mind to wander. (I realise this often looks like I'm distracted and not doing anything, but it's a process.)

The thing that makes it difficult to assign a value to is that it's hard to figure out what the creativity will achieve. There's no question that it does something, but what does it actually do? This is really what makes digital marketing an exciting place. No longer are people guessing the value of a view on TV or an eyeball glancing at a billboard - now we can measure absolutely everything on digital and social. We're able to look at data and figure out what works or doesn't work. The creativity is where you constantly iterate and improve over time.

Creativity takes time but it gets easier and faster to recognise good work the more often you do it (or get exposed to it). It's a muscle that isn't necessarily trained in school and that needs to change. It's the building block of problem solving.