Marketers are the worst

Photo by  Jamie Street  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

There, I said it. Marketers are the absolute worst - they ruin everything that’s cool or fun. Might as well own up to it.

The reason Facebook isn’t as cool as it was when it first started is because all the brands are on it (damn marketers). Same thing with Instagram, and all the other social media platforms out there. It’s their job to get their clients in front of people, so they have no choice but to invade all the cool places that people spend their time.

If everyone is spending time on a new platform (let’s call it SPLURGL) there’s is no doubt that marketers will find a way to have a presence on SPLURGL. The ones who get there early will find that they’re getting a lot of attention/return and as a result more and more marketers will go down the same path.

The real issue of all this is that at a certain point SPLURGL and its users get tired of all the selling. If SPLURGL becomes all ads (or messages about selling) then people are going to slowly drift away because their feeds are no longer of interest to them (they’re littered with too much garbage). 

For SPLURGL’s success to continue, they have to figure out a way to limit the selling taking place. One way is to look into using algorithms. Algorithms help curb the amount of selling that’s taking place on the platform, and this leads to a less cluttered and more relevant feed for the user. So everybody should be happy right? Not exactly.


Eventually, no matter how cool a platform is, it needs to start making money - why else does it exist? So began this whole ‘pay-to-play notion’ where brands get to pay a platform money to reach a larger audience. Great for the big brands who have a lot of money, not so good for the users who have to see a lot of ads.

What does this all really mean? Is there nothing good left in marketers? Not necessarily.

There are still many great marketers out there - many who understand that following trends just makes everything worse for everyone. If they got their brands to do what everyone else is doing, then they don’t really have their brand’s best interest at heart. So the good marketers, they innovate.

Good marketers are the ones who realise the flaws in the system and look for new ways to get their brands noticed. They’re not thinking about little hacks and tricks to beat the algorithms, they’re thinking about showing people why their brands should be noticed. They find ways to earn your attention and look for new channels to distribute their message. Does this mean that they ignore the tired, overused channels? Not at all, they just don’t abuse them.

If you’re stuck in a rut and complaining about how algorithms are ruining everything, perhaps consider that you might not be very good at marketing. Hire a good marketer instead.