Wednesday Updates

Things we're thinking about this week.


Creative cycles are changing and they're finally being recognised! This is HUGE, as it's really the reason FU&G was created in the first place - we recognised early on that the need to create consistently good content was only going to increase. No longer are brands looking at creating big advertising campaigns, they're looking at investing in social media - whether it's Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (yes there are many other types of social accounts as well), they need a constant stream of content just so their audience doesn't forget about them.

Gone are the days that photographers can charge per shot, and probably 10 shots at a time. Now, brands are looking for 30-45 shots on a monthly (if not more regular) basis, and they want it for cheaper! We're no longer spending time reading magazines or looking at billboards, we're an increasingly mobile society. Do you need 30 megapixels, fully photoshopped images for Instagram? Nope! We need to create mindfully, and brands are finally starting to notice.

It will still take a while for Hong Kong (and the rest of Asia) to catch up, but because we recognised the need early, we're able to establish ourselves before others. There's still a lot of work to do, but articles like this remind us that we're on the right path.