Finding our own niche

Photo by  Simon Migaj  on  Unsplash

Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash

It's been quite the journey for FU&G so far. We've ventured from content creation to digital strategy, and it looks like we're going to branch out again.

Hiring in the digital marketing space is incredibly tough - there isn't a lot of talent out there (espeically here in Hong Kong), and if you're not familiar with the space, how do you know who to hire? What questions are you supposed to ask them? And what do the right or wrong responses sound like?

We've been approached to help with the hiring because 1) it's tough and 2) companies don't even know what to do once these people are hired. You could, of course, leave them on their own and hope for the best, but luck isn't the best strategy.

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