The masks we all wear

Photo by  Finan Akbar  on  Unsplash

Photo by Finan Akbar on Unsplash

The best social media accounts online are honest and don’t hold back. They openly talk about their ups and downs and are therefore more relatable and ‘human’. So why does everyone put up a front when talking about their business?

Nobody wants to appear weak, or give the impression that their business is failing (and that’s completely understandable) but does it make sense to do so? We can’t all be doing well, is there value in revealing that you’re a little behind targets or struggling to make ends meet?

We teach clients (and children) to be honest at all times — there’s real value in showing vulnerability. It’s something that takes real guts to do because you’re definitely going to turn some people off. BUT, you also might get more clients because 1) you’re differentiating yourself from all other companies and 2) you may become a little more relatable (and hell you’re going to try harder because you don’t have a choice).

Being honest (when you’re doing badly), might just be something that’s worth trying. Who knows, you may only have to do so for a little while.