Wednesday Updates

Things we're thinking about this week.


Hiring is a really tricky business. 

First of all - you don't want to hire your friends, or at least consider a few things before jumping into it. If you're not willing to one day fire them, don't even bother.

Second - experience rarely tells the whole story. Somehow people believe in a linear career progression - it's definitely simpler to think about, but that doesn't mean it's what truly happens. It's why I don't believe CVs really work. Being good at one thing means just that - you're good at one thing - it's not necessarily an indicator that you're good at something else. For example, you can be a great salesperson but a terrible leader - working in the same field and delivering results for 10 straight years is great, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you should be promoted and become senior management (titles and salary are not the same things).

Third - people are humans, treat them that way. Ultimately you want to be working with people who you can stand facing 24 hours a day (yes the work day is typically shorter than that, but you would ideally want someone you would enjoy spending time with, even outside of work!). There are little things that a job description or CV don't capture well - find a way to figure these things out.

Four - how do you hire for something you need but don't know anything about? Let's say you need help in digital marketing or social media - how do you find the right candidate (don't get me started about the typical job board or job description)? Ask the right questions? Figure out the difference between someone who will do great and someone who will to terrible? We've been approached to help solve this problem because it's sorely needed (business don't have the expertise and sometimes headhunters just don't know the space well enough). 

If you look at all four points together, it's no wonder that bad people end up in good situations. Sometimes you're lucky and the person turns out OK, but luck can't be your only strategy. Mindfulness in the planning process will help minimise risk. Ultimately turnover is much more expensive and a time drain.