You can do better than THAT in interviews

Photo by  Sam McGhee  on  Unsplash

Photo by Sam McGhee on Unsplash

When interviewers are lazy (and this happens a lot), they ask basic, simple questions. When this happens, the answers they get are usually straightforward, standard and worse of all provide no new information.

If you ask a digital marketer if they know SEO, the obvious answer is 'YES' - because why would they say 'NO'? However, with the 'YES', as the interviewer, you really don't get a lot of information. A better question would be 'How would you take on SEO if you were given 3 months?' With a question like this, there's no hiding that you don't know anything about SEO.

The key is to realise that if you can guess the answer to the question, it's not a very good question (it's a terrible question). Instead, you need to ask questions that cause the interviewee to pause and actually think about the answer. Otherwise, you learned nothing and you might as well have asked the same questions to a random stranger.

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