There's no appeal in being average

Photo by  Rob Bye  on  Unsplash

Photo by Rob Bye on Unsplash

Nobody grows up wanting to be average (because, why would they?), instead they want to be better than average (dug). When it comes to the way we do things though, our actions rarely show this.

Is it better to be safe (and have a good idea of what you're going to get), or is it better to take a little risk (and potentially get more in return)? What if being safe actually made things worse (because everyone is being safe and you can't stand out)?

If we want to be better than average, we need to do things that are different and stand out. When it comes to content marketing, this means creating content that people actually want and not copying what other people are doing (reaction videos anyone?) or in the case of promotions trying something that hasn't been done before (it was cool the first time TOMS did a buy 1 give 1, but now hardly anyone ever bats an eye anymore).

As marketers, we all know that it's important to differentiate and provide value (that's what we're hired to do), but very rarely do we practice what we preach. Instead of creating an Instagram page (because everyone is on Instagram), there's more value in creating a events page where potential clients (or people who are interested in marketing) can learn more about the field and and free/paid class options are available to them.

Create value and don't do what others are doing - marketing doesn't have to be difficult.

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