React vs Respond

Photo by  Saksham Gangwar  on  Unsplash

We all make choices every single day. The one that goes unnoticed the most, are our reactions. Something happens and we react instinctively. But are we actually in control?

To stoics, our emotions are the one thing that we should strive to control (we control our physical side, and we must also learn to control our emotional side). It's something everybody in Hong Kong needs to learn (Imagine all the glares we get from being bumped on the street or coughing in the subway).

Gut reactions can be good, but they can be very dangerous as well - react too suddenly and you might end up saying something you'll regret. A better option would be to take an extra beat, and instead of reacting, responding instead. For social media, the gut reaction to a silly question on Facebook is to say 'check the about page, it's clearly all there', but a better response would be to carefully address the problem (and also make it more evident for future users).

The problem with twitter is that 90% of it is reactions (and trolls love it). Responses take more time and care, and if there was a way to implement it, it would be a much less toxic environment.

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