More Traffic = More Everything

Photo by  Jonathan Chen  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jonathan Chen on Unsplash

'Build it and they will come' - uhhuh.

In the real world, your website needs traffic. It doesn't matter how beautiful or responsive your site it, if nobody is visiting it, then you're screwed. But how do you actually get people to visit your site?

(Imagine you're a new brand in Hong Kong and you just launched a new e-commerce site. You have global aspirations. The money is going to POUR IN. You get a trickle of traffic the first two days, most likely friends, and then the site goes quiet. There are no sales, no abandoned carts and no data to analyse. What are you supposed to do now? You need traffic. A lot of it, and fast.)

14 tactical tips you can implement today, right here (full article and descriptions in an article I wrote on Medium).

1. Put Some Money Into It

2. Social Media is Your Friend

3. Vary Your Content, Keep it Interesting

4. Irresistible Headlines

5. SEO the Heck out of your Page

6. Long-Tail Keywords

7. Guest Blogging for Others

8. Guest Blogging from Others

9. Get Those Referral

10. It’s More Interesting with Round Tables

11. Use Your Email Database

12. A Responsive, Mobile and Fast Site

13. Use That Data

14. Find Relevant Communities