Wednesday Updates

Things we're thinking about this week:

Endurance and patience. What does it take to be successful - at what point do you actually hit it? What does it mean to experiment - what's the difference between testing for 3 months vs the intention to test something for 3 years? How do you keep going, knowing that success isn't going to happen in the next month or even year?

Things rarely go as planned, and when starting a new project they rarely happen instantaneously. We're influenced by the success stories and warned about the idea of overnight success and we often think that we're the exception to the rule. Creativity and success take time, and it can be an awfully lonely process.

If you're not willing to push, push and push some more (often for years), do you really have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? If you're constantly distracted and looking to jump on the latest bandwagon (crypto anyone?), will you ever really make it? If you're don't have the necesary stamina and passion to keep going, I'm afraid the startup route isn't really for you.