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Calendar, time and priorities. This article really nails it for me, and there are a few (and some others) that I already do and definitely recommend for everybody.

  1. If someone cancels/reschedules twice, they don't think you're a priority. Move on to better things.
  2. Schedule time for yourself. Whether it's time to be creative, work outside your day-to-day or even just take a break. You need it, and more often than not you come back with fresh ideas. This means occasionally watching a movie in the middle of the day (the best time to do it).
  3. 45-minute meetings. 1 hour seems long, 30 minutes seems too short. The 45-minute session seem to be a good in between and helps to focus the meeting on the important stuff. No time for extra fluff. Also, my attention starts to drift around the 40-minute mark.