Weekly Updates

Things we’re thinking about this week.


Was fortunate enough to listen to Jessica Orkin speak at the CreativeMornings Summit - absolutely fascinating and definitely makes you think. Had a great (one-sided) discussion on the Asian perspective - there’s a lot that we can learn on both sides. However, there’s one thing that really sticks out - a sense of belonging.

At various points in everybody’s lives, we question what we’re doing with our lives - why do we do what we do, is there a point to it all? Recognising that there is more to life than a paycheque or family or even the weekend is tough. Finding a place of belonging is even harder (and when you think about it this way, begins to explain how people ‘fall’ for cults or scientology).

These ideas of belonging are constantly evolving (people change, priorities shift). It’s the overall belief that’s important, that you have to hold dearly - they have a massive impact on who you surround yourself with, who you work with and how your idea of purpose will be shaped.