Weekly Updates

Things we’re thinking about this week:


Fate vs Timing. I don’t believe in fate, I don’t believe that things are destined to be (one way or another). However, I do believe in timing. Some things don’t work purely because of timing (not right now, we’re not ready yet, come back to us in a few months) - it’s not because your ideas are bad, it’s simply because the timing wasn’t aligned.

In the same sense, I don’t think things should be too forced. If something isn’t ready yet, it doesn’t mean that you force it to fit, it means you try again a little further down the line. You don’t have to take ‘NO’s personally, you just have to understand where they’re coming from, and why.

Good things don’t necessarily come easily, they shouldn’t be impossibly difficult either. In fact, if things don’t work out, just move on - you never know, it might result in a better opportunity/fit anyway.