Weekly Updates - What if we made no promises?

Things we’re thinking about this week:


It seems super easy, but follow though can be tough. Sometimes, simple tasks just get derailed. You could have the best intentions, but life (inevitably) gets in the way.

Honesty is a good way to get through things (and in most cases people/clients are OK with a slight delay - some might even have been expecting it in the first place). But what if we flipped it on its head entirely? What if we made zero promises?

Promises lead to expectations. Sometimes these are important (e.g. in bottlenecks where one task can’t start until another is completed). But what if you’re just creating from scratch and moving towards an overall goal?

If we take a step back, sometimes we realise that we create our own arbitrary guidelines and goals. We put these in place to keep us on task (and hopefully finish earlier than expected). However, with repetition, we put safeguards and buffers in place - it’s just who we are (everybody who puts 2 extra alarms and use the snooze function every day).

If we just did the work to its natural conclusion, maybe we would end with a better result (or maybe not). The idea here is that we need to look at what we’re promising and why. If it doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t make sense - sometimes it doesn’t have to. It also sets yourself up from disappointing someone.