Weekly Updates - Taking a Break

Things we’re thinking about this week:


We’ve been away and we haven’t posted. Partly because we’ve been busy, partly because we’ve just plain let things slip. But although we haven’t been writing, we haven’t been spending a lot of time thinking about what to write, and why we write.

While most companies use a blog to improve their search rankings, we feel no need to do the same. The medium is for us, more internal than anything else. We’re not looking to get more clients with this blog, we want to use it to make sure our culture and ethos remain true to the day we started.

For most small companies, the only metric that matters is revenue. We look at things a little differently. Taking a break is a good example of this.

We take breaks not because we have to, but because we see the value in it. There’s a massive difference between taking a break (but staying connected) and taking a break (and switching everything off). We don’t stop thinking about things (it’s impossible to do so), but it’s highly encouraged.

Taking proper breaks (and not mandatory breaks), we believe, makes the time you spend working (when you actually work) much more efficient and effective. Doing other things (watching movies, fishing or even just eating interesting things) may lead to interesting connections - inspiration can come from anywhere.

Proper breaks lead to real breakthroughs.