Weekly Updates = Stop Exaggerating

Things we’re thinking about this week:


The next time you catch yourself telling a story and extending the truth, ask yourself why. Why did you have to make things seem more exciting than they already were? Would it not have been worth telling if you didn’t bend the truth a little?

It can be dangerous to tell little lies - it portrays you as somebody that you aren’t. People normally do this to get an extra laugh, or to sell in a particular point, but is it worth it? What happens when lies lead to more lies and that leads to more lies? at some point your life just becomes a constant tracking of all the lies you’ve ever told (or you become the person that lies).

There is no shame in being boring, and there’s no shame in not doing as well as others around you. In business there’s a tendency for people to say ‘things are going alright’ (and quickly change the subject) than telling the truth. The unfortunate part is that because you said things were alright, nobody is going to actively try to help you. You’re lying to save some embarrassment, but you may have lost a chance to connect and even find the help you desperately need.

Maybe there are other reasons you find yourself lying - but spend the time to figure out why and whether it’s actually worth it.