Weekly Updates - Changing 'Sorry' to 'Thank You'

Things we’re thinking about this week:


What would happen if we stopped saying ‘sorry’? Not because we didn’t have empathy, but because we wanted to look at things from a different perspective. How might it change not just your behaviour, but the other person as well?

What if instead of saying ‘sorry for being late’, we said ‘thank you for waiting for me’? What if instead of saying ‘sorry I don’t think I can help with that’, we said ‘thank you for thinking so highly of my abilities’? What if instead of saying ‘sorry I can’t make it to dinner tomorrow, maybe next week?’ we said ‘thank you for thinking and including me, maybe next week?’?

The differences may seem small, but they just might make a big difference. Instead of being ‘defensive’, you become more empathetic. Instead of brushing things away, you’re forced to pause and think about the situation.

We don’t think you can entirely get away with never saying ‘sorry’ again, but it’s an exercise worth doing (even if just temporarily) - it will change your approach and might be helpful for the recipient as well.