Being Honest

Honest (Constructive) Feedback

When was the last time you gave an honest answer when a waiter asked ‘ How is everything tonight?’ Do you give a generic answer hoping they will go away sooner, or do you actually tell them the truth (whether it was good or bad)? It’s completely understandable to want to get back to your meal (uninterrupted), but why do they even ask in the first place?

The waiter? He probably asks because he’s supposed to ask - he was told to do so because it’s a sign of quality. The owner/chef - they actually want to know the answer - if there’s a way they can improve their restaurant, they definitely want to know.

Like everything else, there’s real intention behind actions - however, they’re often lost. If you want the honest answer in your real life, you need to start being honest as well (treat people the way you want to be treated).