Whose Opinion Matters?

Who are you listening to?

Not all opinions are created equal. Time, experience, purpose (among other things) are important when considering other people’s opinions. You wouldn’t ask a mechanic for their financial modelling strategies (I don’t think), so why do we take opinions (and comments) from almost everyone so seriously?

When you think about it, there are a lot more opinions out there that don’t matter than comments that should matter. Being able to differentiate between them is hard - ignoring the bad ones is almost impossible.

You can start a business, and everyone has an opinion on something. It doesn’t matter if they have no experience in starting their own business, or never liked you - they all have comments. Usually it’s not very useful (bad). There also isn’t just ONE WAY to do things.

It’s possible that if we didn’t ever listen to outside comments, we would all be a lot more creative and innovative. No?