Stop Chasing Shortcuts

The one thing that always works (and is worth doing):


The shortcuts that are magically supposed to help you with losing weight don’t often work. If they did work, it would be the standard.

Some shortcuts work but they usually come with a caveat (sometimes they even require more effort).

If you can’t afford to do something right, you probably can’t afford to do it all over again after you’ve realised that the shortcut was actually a mistake.


Everyone wants hacks because they can potentially save time. The issue in digital marketing is that they usually do more harm than good. For example, using bots to engage or get more followers on Instagram is quite common. But this usually results in poor engagement and fake followers, and because of the IG algorithms, this leads to a downward spiral that is near impossible to recover from.

This extends to choosing who to work with (for example, a marketing agency/consultancy), where to focus your time or even buying cheap furniture. It might be cheaper and faster (most of the time why we go for shortcuts) but ultimately be more expensive and more frustrating than doing it properly the first time.