Weekly Updates

Things we’re thinking about this week:


It’s that time of year again - time for reflection.

While most people are thinking about Christmas (and why wouldn’t they), many will also be reflecting on what they accomplished in 2018 - new business? New challenges? Ever-changing hurdles? And most importantly, how all this will change the approach in 2019.

2018 went by in a flash. We did things we never thought we would do, and we put important things to the side to pursue other goals. Whether it was chasing new clients, new leads or personal development - the battle was always the same and it was never easy.

2019 brings along with it a new set of challenges.

  • The digital landscape is going to change in 2019. The consumption behaviours are going to move even more towards mobile (and with that new iPad Pro making such a significant jump, I believe that it’s going to finally dramatically shift people even further away from desktops).

  • Data is going to play a smaller role as the world branches out and finds it’s own niches. While data is still important, the ‘global truths’ and industry standards are going to become less and less relevant as brands are going to be forced to take a hard look at what REALLY matters to their audience.

  • Hiring is going to be more and more difficult as the desirable workforce begins to realise that they’re actually in demand. Security is one thing, but the hustle is what’s going to make the real superstars stand out. A bear market might just give it the nudge that it needs.

2019 will be interesting. A lot of things that people have been calling for will finally happen (at least I believe so).