You've Created Something Awesome - Where Are The Sales?

Action > Awareness

For most new businesses, the biggest challenge is getting people to pay attention. It doesn't matter if they're doing great work if nobody knows about it. Thankfully, you can buy attention (hello social media, digital ads and all other forms of paid marketing/media).

What about companies that have all the attention in the world? Their issue isn't lack of attention but lack of action.

They can't get people to sign up.

They can't get people to buy things.

Nobody does anything.

If you have people's attention, but people aren't acting, something along the way isn't working. Is your product not good enough? Are you in front of the wrong people? Is the value delivered just not valuable enough? In this case, more attention won't fix the problem; it's something else.

If things aren't going the ways you want them to go, make sure you're fixing the right problem.

Weekly Updates - Now or Later

Things we’re thinking about this week:


Do you work for what’s right in front of you or do you work towards the future? How do you balance between the two?

Goals are a strange but necessary thing. They exist because we all need something to work towards, but they can be completely arbitrary. But they are needed.

The difficult part about setting goals is figuring out when they need to end (open goals never work). It makes sense to set goals to move things forward (revenue goals for a quarter), but staying on track on what matters to you means setting long term goals as well (revenue % coming from a specific sector).

Both short and long term goals are important, but how do you figure out which one takes precedence (when push comes to shove)? Is this something worth figuring out, or is it more important to be able to step back every now and then and figuring out whether you’re on track?

Appropriate Goal Setting Can Make The Difference


Goal setting is hard, it's even harder when it's for digital marketing.

Fancy vanity metrics such as follower numbers or reach are great when you're talking to people who don't know what they're talking about (your manager? your MD? Great when you're looking to get a raise or promotion). But for the people in the industry, they're just the beginning to understanding what social can really output for the company.

Instead of followers, what's vastly more important is the conversion (for sales) or even the shares (for engagement). Vanity metrics can be faked through a variety of ways - bots, ads, etc. but you need a product that people genuinely need to actually get sales (or even get them to share it with their friends).

If you're still only tracking the basic metrics, and you're a seasoned digital/social media marketer, it's likely because 1) you don't know better or 2) you know your product/content isn't very good.

Time to make some changes, and go after some goals that actually matter. You've heard it plenty, but data truly is the key to success in the digital age.

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