Wednesday Updates

Things we're thinking about this week.


Stop trying to cheat the system. Hacks and tactics are all the rage because people are lazy and they want to do more by doing less. If you're super busy, overwhelmed and need to find efficiencies, that is OK. When you're doing it because you want to trick people into clicking something, that's not. Facebook just started closing down groups designed specifically to break algorithms on Instagram. Worry about creating value first, and increasing fan numbers second. IF you learn how to constantly create value, you'll never become a slave to the algorithm gods.


Enjoying the pleasures of getting things done. We're all busy people - finding the time to do little things (may seem little) and seeing small accomplishments go a long way. Often a 5-minute difference (rather than say zero-time spent) is all it takes to start seeing benefits (whether that is for fitness or social media strategy and planning).