Wednesday Updates

Things we're thinking about this week.


The internet has been good to us. Without it, it's hard to imagine functioning anymore (the panic you get when you forget your mobile phone, but not when you forget your wallet). What's important to realise though is that it's a relatively new technology (still). We're still trying to figure out the best ways to use the tool (even as technology constantly iterates). Who knows where it's going to take us.

What's interesting though is the competition for attention. As more and more things compete for our attention, we're forced to make a decision as to what is more important. In the case of Instagram (and Snapchat before it), stories are taking over - the overwhelming urgency of the content (disappearing in 24 hours) means you NEED to look at it before it's gone (what if it's something important?). In reality, it's rarely ever urgent, but because there's no way of knowing, you look at it. While it still might just be a gimmick that's got everyone's attention (and a great one that Snapchat was built on), someone is going to figure out how to get your attention in a new way in the future (not built upon urgency, but probably built on 'need to know' basis).


While technology is ever-changing, some things will never change. Weird people and pie charts.