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There are moments we catch ourselves spending more time volunteering and helping out than the actual business. It's very difficult trying to find the balance between helping someone answer a couple questions on social media than charging a consultation fee for work that could technically be billed. That's the funny thing about digital marketing - depending on who you talk to, you never really know if you're going to spend 5 minutes on invaluable insight on the latest digital trends, or spend an hour arguing about what works in the US doesn't work in Hong Kong.

There's also the other part of volunteering for the sake of giving back (and not expecting anything in return. You really shouldn't be volunteering if you want something back (for example trying to get more clients, in that case, it's just advanced lying). You should help because you can help - most likely you wouldn't be in your current position if you never got any help on your own personal journey.

The other benefit of volunteering is that it gives you another opportunity to create and explore. We often get stuck on what we do for work and as a result can easily feel unmotivated and stagnant. Purposely volunteering (with the right intentions) allows for an avenue to pursue creative passions.

In digital marketing, we constantly stress the importance of creating communities and engaging with fans. Most times, it's better to do it in person than on a desktop. It's about time more digital marketing agencies in Hong Kong (globally actually) started doing that.