'No' is the second best thing you can hear.

  1. ‘Yes!’

  2. ‘No.’

  3. Everything else.

(Things you want to hear in a sales meetings)

Sales is pretty simple - people either want your product, or they don't. A quick 'YES' and you're all good to go. A quick 'NO' and you move on to the next lead. All the other things you typically hear (e.g. let me think about it, can we do something a little different, can we try for free) can potentially become a massive waste of time.

Continuous follow-ups, negotiations and meetings are a drain. They might turn into a 'YES', but usually, it's just wasted time that you'll never get back (3 months of negotiations that lead to nowhere anyone?). It might even be time that's better spent on another potential customer.

Instead of working on luke-warm leads, it's better to get people to say 'NO' quickly. It frees you up to work on other things. OR, it can also get the customer to justify why they're talking to you in the first place and show that they're serious (gets to ‘YES’ faster - counter intuitive, but it works).

So, first try to get a 'YES'. If there's no clear 'YES', try to get a 'NO'. And then move on.

You have limited time, use it wisely.