"How do we get in touch?"

There's a difference between being sales-y and building a relationship.

Being sales-y is blasting people with your email address, your LinkedIn profile, your newsletter campaigns, and pushing your services over and over again. And it's pointless. If people want to get in touch, they will find a way to get in touch.

Building a relationship, however, is entirely different. Helping connect people, sharing information (because you think they might find something interesting) or just catching up (but not selling) is useful. The chance that they remember you is higher (although a casual connect every now and then doesn't hurt).

There's a difference between being top of mind because you're annoying and being top of mind because you're useful.

If somebody wants to find you, they will find you.

(If they ask 'how do we get in touch?' - give them your contact, shut up and let them do the talking.)