Video Consultation / Marketing Coach

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Video Consultation / Marketing Coach

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Marketing Consultation with Ernest Fung

I will give you straightforward, no-nonsense, clear advice on how to design an effective marketing strategy by helping you understand your brand, the problems and how to stand out from your competition.

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Why Do You Need A Marketing Consult?

If you’re looking to make a leap forward, a consult can provide an outside perspective and point you in the right direction. You don’t need to hire a full-time consultant or have an agency on retainer. Together we will get straight to the problem and help you find the right solutions for you.

If you think you can handle, learn and run marketing yourself. You should do it that way. There’s nothing that you can’t learn by yourself. You’ll make the same mistakes and potentially miss the big opportunities. When you’re not getting anywhere and find yourself stuck on a plateau, it might be time to consider a new approach. Let me help.

I’ve worked on all sides of the industry across all lines of marketing and advertising. Currently I work independently with clients of all sizes. The advice I share, comes from real and practical experience. And the learning doesn’t ever stop. I have a unique perspective and can help brands stand out in the most dynamic and challenging market in the world - Hong Kong.

A few things we will work on:

  • Assessing and defining your biggest challenges

  • Nailing your primary and secondary target audience

  • Quick wins and long term strategy

  • Consumer strategy and marketing opportunities

  • Digital marketing optimisation

  • Data Analysis

  • Goal setting and timeline management

  • Etc.

How Does It Work?

After you purchase a package, you will receive an email to lock in a time slot. You will receive information that needs to be filled out prior to the session so that we will be able to maximise the time and get straight to action and next steps. After the session you will receive notes from our conversation along with relevant links to things references as well as the discussed action items.


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