The following is a list of events of interest for anyone in the entrepreneurship, marketing or the small business field (mainly on Hong Kong Island).

The list is updated weekly and does not contain every event taking place in Hong Kong. 

*Last updated 21 OCTOBER 2019*

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Week of 21 OCTOBER

22 OCTOBER - 8:30am - Cloud Accounting Makes Life Simple - Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs - UCommune Sheung Wan - HKD80

22 OCTOBER - 7:00pm - Effective Business Writing Seminar - The Giles Agency - theHive Sheung Wan - HKD120

22 OCTOBER - 7:30pm - How Retailers Create Opportunities During A Recession With AI & Big Data - Chain of Demand - R One - FREE

24 OCTOBER - 3:00pm - How to Create Successful Loyalty Program & Capture Omni-Channel & E-Commerce Opportunities - Laputa Technologies Limited - WeWork Hysan - FREE

24 OCTOBER - 6:30pm - Reinventing The Wheel: Paving The Way To A Circular Food System - Rooftop Republic - Garage Academy - HKD106

24 OCTOBER - 7:00pm - Powering Sustainable Opportunities: The Key to Success - Bakbamboo - Ucommune - FREE

24 OCTOBER - 7:00pm - Hong Kong FinTech Developments & AI Powered Investments - Kristal.AI - theHive Sheung Wan - FREE

Week of 28 OCTOBER

30 OCTOBER - 6:30pm - Reusable Fashion to Save Our Planet - UCommune - UCommune Sheung Wan - FREE

30 OCTOBER - 7:30pm - Curing Small Business Pain Points - Sick of Fundraising? - FastLane - R One Space - FREE



Week of 4 NOVEMBER

5 NOVEMBER - 6:30pm - Building an Empathic & Supportive Culture for Modern Companies - Global Shapers Hong Kong Hub - Macquarie Group IFC - FREE

6 NOVEMBER - 6:30pm - Suhanya Raffel - M+ The Making of a 21st Century Museum - Australian Consulate General - The Australian Centre - FREE

Week of 11 NOVEMBER

12 NOVEMBER - 7:15pm - Cashless Society - Lessons From China and Sweden - The Economic Club Hong Kong - Salon Number 10 - FREE

13 NOVEMBER - 6:00pm - Startup Growth Networking Meetup - eChai Hong Kong Startup Network - WeWork Wanchai - FREE

13 NOVEMBER - 7:30pm - Entrepreneur Experiences with Maxine Ryan (Bitspark) - HiveLife - theHive Sheung Wan - HKD50

14 NOVEMBER - 7:15pm - From Individual Success to Community Success - InspiringHK Sports Foundation - UBS AG - HKD215

15 NOVEMBER - 10:30am - Marie Kondo’s Way of Home Organising - Clutter-Free - Hong Kong Central Library - HKD200

Free Resources and Tools

The below items include different resources and documents that are useful for any entrepreneurs starting their journey or small business owners looking to get involved in the business community in Hong Kong. These tools will be updated regularly and free to use/share!


Recommended Reading List (Books)

Books that we most recommended separated by category (e.g. branding, copywriting, optimisation, leadership, etc.). This is a personal list, please ask for specific reocmmendations tailored to your needs.


Recommended Reading List (Links)

Free websites, videos and other goodies are available online if you want to learn more about SEO, Social Media or other Digital Marketing things. Just need to know where to look.


Recommended Podcasts

It's hard to read on a commute (who likes getting dizzy on a bus?) - here are some of our favourite business and casual podcasts.

Co-working Space

Co-working & other spaces for freelancers / small businesses

A list of the flexible co-working spaces on Hong Kong Island, coffee shops with wi-fi and other places that are ideal for freelancers and small businesses. This isn't suitable for larger companies (anyone with more than 6 employees).

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Hong Kong Startup Funding and Grants

Not an exhaustive list, and not by us either. Take a look at what Jeffrey Broer has put together - incredibly useful if you’re thinking of starting a small business in Hong Kong.