Beginner Social Media Resources

Social media is constantly evolving (new platforms popping up, new algorithms, attention being shifted, among many others) - to become a social media expert you really need to consistently learn about the latest news, but where do you begin? 

Here are a few resources that are awesome places to start. It's not an exhaustive list, but you have to start somewhere.


Social Media Size Cheatsheet

There's nothing worse that seeing images and videos not optimised for each platform - cut off logos, subject focus out of frame, it makes you look amateurish and negligent. Simply optimising your content for social media platforms can make you stand out from the wannabes. 


Facebook Blueprint

Facebook isn't going anywhere soon. What most people don't realise is that Facebook produces a tonne of awesome content on how you can maximise the platform (and Instagram) both organically as well as through paid media. There's a lot to learn here, and you can take a course that makes you 'certified'.


Later - Instagram Blog

Later is a service that helps you schedule posts on Instagram (it's not bad), their blog is top notch - it covers a lot of details on optimal posting strategy and provides new ideas on a VERY regular basis. If you can stay on top of the game, you're going to stay ahead of your competition.


FU&G (That's Us) - Content Marketing Guide

This is our own little guide on content marketing. It's a beginner's guide - 2,500 words (light reading!)


Beginner SEO Resources

While you probably don't need to become an expert in SEO, knowing the basics will at least put you ahead of your competition.

Here are a few great places to start.


MOZ - A Beginner's Guide to SEO

A monster guide to SEO. This could easily be a USD500 course (and it would be worth it), but it's all free! It's a comprehensive guide to SEO, with many insights into how it works and what it can do for your company. It's worth taking the time to read (and it's not TOO technical).


kissmetrics - SEO guide and blog

Not only a good introductory guide into SEO, but a consistently updated blog that's worth checking out as well. This guide isn't quite as comprehensive as the MOZ one above, but it's got links to many other free tools worth checking out as well.


Google Academy (Ads + Analytics)

Free tools are the best tools, and it doesn't get better than Google Academy for Ads and the Google Analytics Academy. They also look great on websites for clients!


Google AdWords - Keyword Planner

One of the most used tools in any SEO expert's toolkit, the Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool let's you plan out what keywords to use, and how often they're being searched. Plan correctly, write content accordingly and watch your rankings increase over time!


Other Useful Tools

These tools are invaluable to daily life (not just for your business, but everyday life). Simply put, they make life easier. You can't go wrong with any of these.

This is like magic. It's free to use and gets all your accounts/devices talking to each other. Automatically send you a reminder if the weather forecast is rain. Get reminders when it's time to post on social media. Get notifications when your competitor posts something. You can program whatever you want and it's a game changer. No idea how this is free, but I love it.


Monitor the web for ANYTHING. If you're not using this for your business, you're missing out. Keep track of all the major (and minor things). So powerful. It's another free tool that we can't believe is FREE. 


Don't let poor spelling and grammar ruin your chances at closing business. This tool helps check for errors and saves the embarrassment. Also great if you spend a lot of time writing up captions for social media content.